Saturday, 16 August 2008

New Premier League Season Begins! 2008 / 2009

Wow. What an excellent summer.

The European championships, even without England were absolutely thrilling, and it was the team that played the best football that eventually grabbed the trophy! Worthy winners Spain destroying the hapless Germany in the final!

The Olympics are in full swing too, and have been excellent so far. Most of the major events are still to come and there is a chance that Great Britain can bash the Ozzies, which would be awesome.

Distractions apart though, the bread and butter of sport in the UK is the football league season. It is 96 days since Man Utd lifted their 10th Premier league title and everyone from players to fans has been waiting for it all to begin again.

Last weekend the football league kicked off in style with unexpected results for teams such as Doncaster, Sheffield Wednesday and Preston North End, and I am certain there will be some surprise results in the Premiership this afternoon too!

On the betting front, I have yet to decide whether my rules are adequate for the forthcoming season. Luckily I had no intention of making any bets in the first couple of weeks anyway. I want to let a couple of results roll in before I start putting my money where my mouth is.

If I were to bet, I am sure Arsenal v West Brom will result in a home win, but first day nerves are not something I want to be cursing later on.

Man Utd v Newcastle also looks like a home banker, but I know someone who would love it if it went the other way!

I hope there are a couple of bankers ready for me when I get back on it, what date is Man Utd v Hull City?