Monday, 14 April 2008

Disaster - and so close to the end of the season!

£123.41 - £18.50 = £104.91

What are Chelsea thinking? Do they realise that they have messed up their title chances and in the process, made my project drop to a measly 4.9% return?

There are now 4 rounds of premiership matches to go before the end of the season. I am probably going to have to win at least 2 more bets to take me comfortably above the 6% return an ISA would have provided.

Arsenal play Reading on Saturday. maybe that will be the start of it?

Thursday, 10 April 2008

31 - Finally! A game to bet on

After what seems like an age, the project now has a game set firmly in it's sights.

Chelsea to beat Wigan. Monday night. Plenty of time to recover after the Champions league. Only slight issue is the Everton game 3 days after.

But Avram wouldn't risk losing this one when he needs to keep up the pressure on Man Utd!

I'll bet 15%, which means £18.50 on a home win and a £4.40 profit if it comes in.

Come on you blues!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

30 - Tough choice again!

Rather than put money on a predictable football match, this week I am going to bet my whole account on the Grand National!

Not really, but in some ways I could, because at least I would have bet to make. Two weeks without is very frustrating!

This weekend is another tough week for predictions. I regretted not betting on Man Utd when they ended up thrashing Villa comfortably, so am eager to place a bet this time.

This weekend I can see Villa bouncing back to beat Bolton and Newcastle getting 3 points v Reading, however, I can't go as far to say that they are certainties. Man Utd are in irrepressible form, but are away from home at the Riverside in Middlesbrough and also have just had a tough game against Roma in midweek.

I will have to further consider my options before 3pm and post what I have decided.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

29 - Man Utd

After watching the performance of Man Utd against Villa I take back everything I said about there being 'nothing clear cut'.

On this kind of form, betting on the Red Devils is an assured win, no matter who they are playing.

If they can keep playing like that, this project will find it very easy to find a match to bet on each weekend.