Friday, 28 September 2007

Week 7: Away wins not allowed, unfortunately!

The premiership has a few predictable football matches this weekend, however most have the strong side away from home. Wigan v Liverpool and Birmingham v Man Utd will surely end up with 3 points to the visiting side, however, betting on away teams is against my rules.

This leaves me with the Chelsea v Fulham derby match, which is not ideal.

My reasoning for still finding this bet attractive is that Fulham are not good away from home and Chelsea will be eager to get back to winning ways after the loss to Man Utd last weekend. At home, even after Jose Mourinho's departure, Chelsea will be a very strong side and Fulham will struggle to cope.

Purely because it is a derby match, I will only bet 10% of the account on the game.

Meaning I will put £11.59 on a Chelsea win.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Week 6 Results - Arsenal on top form

Betting on Arsenal seems to be a guaranteed way to win at the moment. They followed their impressive win in Europe by hammering Derby 5-0 and then went on to beat Newcastle in the Carling Cup last night.

My bet was on the league match with Derby and the correct prediction means I have added another £2.58 to my account.

I have now reached the point where a losing bet would put me right back to where I started in August. Although it is a milestone for my achievements so far, it reminds me that it can all go wrong very quickly.

New account balance: £115.99

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Week 6: Mourinho's exit makes no difference to this week's betting

Of the factors to consider this week, thankfully, Jose Mourinho is not one of them; Chelsea are to play Man Utd on Sunday, a match I would never but a bet on, whatever the circumstances.

The two matches I will consider are Arsenal v Derby and Liverpool v Birmingham.

Birmingham have looked steady this season and could make a fight of the match at Anfield. They are currently 12th and go into this match after a needed win against Bolton.

Liverpool had a tough European match in mid-week and played in Portugal meaning they may not be at their best on Saturday.

Arsenal also played in the Champions League, however their match was at home so the players did not have to travel. They were also two goals to the good early in the second half, meaning their players were able to take it a little easier toward the end of the game.

Derby did manage a win on Monday night versus Newcastle, however they are not strong enough to take on Arsenal and I expect Fabregas and Van Persie to cause them major problems at the Emirates.

Betting 15% of my account means £17 on an Arsenal win.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Surprise Reult for Derby County

Within hours of mentioning that a home side such as Derby can sometimes get a surprise result, I was surprised to learn that Derby got a surprise result against Newcastle, a 1-0 win.

With Arsenal playing in Europe midweek and Derby on a high, can I really bet on their match this weekend?

Monday, 17 September 2007

Week 5 Results: Celtic score 5 to give me another win

Inverness proved to be no match for rampant Celtic who eased to a 5-0 victory. Due to the liklihood of this victory though, the odds I got were not very impressive. From a bet of over £16 I only got a return of £2.48. Any profit will do though.

The account now stands at £113.41.

Tonight, Derby play Newcastle, which is a match I expect Newcastle to win. However, the rules state I can't bet on away sides for good reason. A home team can always pull off a surprise result.

I will still be hoping for a poor Derby performance tonight as next weekend they play away at Arsenal and after the way the Gunners demolished Tottenham I am already expecting a predictable match.

Unfortunately though there is the complication of the european ties. I will have to re-assess the weekends fixtures once the Champions league is out of the way.

Friday, 14 September 2007

Week 5: North of the Border

With the great results gained by England and the surprise performances from players such as Emile Heskey and Gareth Barry I will be resisting the urge to put all my money on wins for Wigan and Aston Villa.

This weekend's Premier League fixture list is a little disappointing. Chelsea v Blackburn is the only match I would consider a probable result, but Blackburn have been playing very well so far, and it would be unwise to bet on them losing here.

In the Championship, the league has not yet settled down. There are no teams on exceptional form yet and several of the sides at the foot of the table are in false positions.

I rate the strongest sides as West Brom, Charlton and Wolves and none of these three are playing at home this week, so I have no matches to back confidently.

Scotland is my next option and luckily, Celtic play Inverness Caledonian at Celtic Park. Celtic have won 4 out of their first 5 matches and Inverness have lost all 5. I hope this weekend isn't the start of a recovery for Inverness!

The odds I presume will be poor, however, I feel confident about the result. I will bet the full 15% which means a £16.63 bet on Celtic to win.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Week 4: Results

6 goals for Liverpool mean I have profited again. This time £3.39 was added to the account.

The win for Liverpool was very easy to predict as they are playing so well, while Derby are yet to find any form at the moment.

There are no premier league fixtures this weekend because of the International matches so I may have to turn my thoughts to the Scottish leagues.

New balance is £110.93