Friday, 28 September 2007

Week 7: Away wins not allowed, unfortunately!

The premiership has a few predictable football matches this weekend, however most have the strong side away from home. Wigan v Liverpool and Birmingham v Man Utd will surely end up with 3 points to the visiting side, however, betting on away teams is against my rules.

This leaves me with the Chelsea v Fulham derby match, which is not ideal.

My reasoning for still finding this bet attractive is that Fulham are not good away from home and Chelsea will be eager to get back to winning ways after the loss to Man Utd last weekend. At home, even after Jose Mourinho's departure, Chelsea will be a very strong side and Fulham will struggle to cope.

Purely because it is a derby match, I will only bet 10% of the account on the game.

Meaning I will put £11.59 on a Chelsea win.

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