Thursday, 20 September 2007

Week 6: Mourinho's exit makes no difference to this week's betting

Of the factors to consider this week, thankfully, Jose Mourinho is not one of them; Chelsea are to play Man Utd on Sunday, a match I would never but a bet on, whatever the circumstances.

The two matches I will consider are Arsenal v Derby and Liverpool v Birmingham.

Birmingham have looked steady this season and could make a fight of the match at Anfield. They are currently 12th and go into this match after a needed win against Bolton.

Liverpool had a tough European match in mid-week and played in Portugal meaning they may not be at their best on Saturday.

Arsenal also played in the Champions League, however their match was at home so the players did not have to travel. They were also two goals to the good early in the second half, meaning their players were able to take it a little easier toward the end of the game.

Derby did manage a win on Monday night versus Newcastle, however they are not strong enough to take on Arsenal and I expect Fabregas and Van Persie to cause them major problems at the Emirates.

Betting 15% of my account means £17 on an Arsenal win.

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