Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Week 7: Result - Disaster

The results had all been positive, the system seemed to good to be true, it was working.

But then I put a large stake on Chelsea to beat Fulham, and so lost £11.59 of my hard earned cash.

Looking back, I really should have known not to bet on it. Local derbies and betting on teams that have recently changed manager should be added to the rules as matches to steer clear of.

What I also failed to notice was that Chelsea had gone 3 matches without a win in the Premiership. A loss to Manu Utd was preceded by a draw with Man City and a further defeat at Aston Villa.

One of the factors I remember considering as I made my decision was that I had read that Chelsea had played some of their best football versus Man Utd.

Looking back, I realise the quote came from Avram Grant. Which leads me to add another rule to my system: 'Never trust the comments made by the team's manager'.

I must ensure that I remember the lessons learnt here, as the odds I bet on mean that I cannot afford many more mistakes.

New balance: £104.4

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