Monday, 29 October 2007

Week 11: Poor Options

Unfortunately, my strict rules mean that I am struggling to find a team to bet on this weekend.

The major Premier League sides are either playing each other (Man Utd v Arsenal), or playing away from home (Liverpool and Chelsea). Both of these conditions mean that I shouldn't risk my money on them.

That said, Wigan's record against the top sides is appalling and I can't see them managing to hold on for a point versus Chelsea, even at home. They have also lost their last 5 matches compared to Chelsea's thrashing of high flying Man City last Saturday.

I fully expect Aston Villa to take 3 points off lowly Derby County too, however, their form is not good enough for me to consider it a predictable match, even when up against the dismal rams.

Looking into the football league, Leeds Utd are on fire but too bad they are playing away this weekend, so I have had to take a look at the Scottish fixtures.

The only game that looks promising is Rangers v Inverness Cale Thistle. Rangers will be looking to keep up with Celtic at the top and Inverness have already struggled against the top sides with heavy losses against the old firm this season.

The odds will be much better for Chelsea v Wigan, but I will stick to the rules I set out at the beginning and bet on the easy win for Rangers.

I'll bet the full 15% this week which means a £16.65 bet.

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