Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The Rules

Last year I bet some very small amounts on a few matches but eventually finished the year with less money. However, it helped me prepare my rules for this year.

Hopefully, if I follow these rules closer I will be more successful.

The rules which I have created are:
  1. Only bet on home teams
  2. Only bet on home teams who usually win at home
  3. Only bet on matches where the away team is usually poor away from home
  4. Don't bet on home teams who may be ‘resting’ players for upcoming matches
  5. Only bet on matches which I have a good knowledge of the teams and the league
  6. Bet around 10% of my account total on each chosen match
  7. Try not to bet on more than 2 matches in a weekend
Hopefully, the rules will ensure that I win virtually every time. But, as the bookmakers know this too, I am going to get very poor odds.

Also, with my 10% rule, if I get a few poor results I may get into trouble very quickly.

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