Sunday, 11 May 2008

Season ends on a high - Man Utd Victory!

Alex Ferguson's 10th premier league title and win over Wigan means I add £2.60 to the account on the final day.

Final balance £107.51

In the end, I succeeded in my goal to make more than my ISA. A 7.5% return is slightly better than the 6% offered in most banks, however, it could have been much more.

On two occasions I had a surplus of more than £25 meaning a 25% return on my investment. Maybe I should have a look at how I manage my money so that I can take stock when I get to such levels in the future.


Scorebook said...

What are you going to do now the season is over?

Jon said...

Good question. I have no idea!

With no England in the Euro Championships I may refine my rules to try to take advantage next season.

I got to £25+ profit on 2 occasions I think. Maybe I should have been more careful once I got to those points!

bookies online offers said...

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