Thursday, 10 April 2008

31 - Finally! A game to bet on

After what seems like an age, the project now has a game set firmly in it's sights.

Chelsea to beat Wigan. Monday night. Plenty of time to recover after the Champions league. Only slight issue is the Everton game 3 days after.

But Avram wouldn't risk losing this one when he needs to keep up the pressure on Man Utd!

I'll bet 15%, which means £18.50 on a home win and a £4.40 profit if it comes in.

Come on you blues!

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Scorebook said...

As a United fan I'm hoping for Wigan to do something. A lot depends on Chelsea's keeper crisis and their 3rd choice is no good on crosses/set pieces - which is Wigan's best chance.

I'm saying this will be a draw - but I'm not confident enough to put a bet on that.