Thursday, 9 August 2007

Week 1: Premiership Season Begins

Balance: £100

I’m getting nervous now as I look at the first set of fixtures. I know that if I get a match wrong this early, it will have a big affect on my earnings overall. Losing money early will take a lot of time to win back.

Ideally I wouldn’t bet on the first round of matches, as I’d like some time to see which teams are strongest this year.

However, there are 3 matches that look promising in week 1. With 3 to choose from, and as I want to get the season underway, I will definitely put a bet on this week.

The first is Arsenal versus Fulham at the Emirates on Sunday. Even after the sale of Thierry Henry, Arsenal still have a strong side and should overcome Fulham with ease.

Arsenal won as many matches as Chelsea last season and Fulham managed only 1 win away from home. However, it may take a while for Da Silva and Van Persie to get used to each other.

Chelsea didn’t lose at home at all last year but drew 7 matches, they will be looking for a decent start to the campaign to show Man Utd that they intend to win the title back. This makes it a very tough match for Birmingham as it is their first match back in the premiership.

Looking at the away side, Birmingham had a poor defence when they were relegated 2 seasons ago, and now that they are without Matthew Upson, I will assume it has not improved. I can’t see them surprising Chelsea here.

The third match to consider is Man Utd v Reading – also on Sunday. Reading lost 9 matches away from home last year which is not particularly good, however they did prove to be tricky opponents, causing a few some surprises and eventually finishing 8th.

I think Reading have the determination to possibly get a draw at Old Trafford and Arsenal may take a little while to get used to not having Henry.

So, on that basis I’ll bet £15 on Chelsea to beat Birmingham and stick with only 1 match on the opening weekend.

Fingers crossed.

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