Thursday, 13 March 2008

26 - Chelsea thumb Derby County

My £17.85 bet on a Chelsea has added £2.33 to the account.

New balance: £121.35

Next week, the fixtures look particularly tasty. Man U v Bolton, Liverpool v Reading and Arsenal v Middlesbrough are surely all home bankers?

Arsenal can possibly be discounted simply for not beating Wigan last weekend, but the other two will be simple wins.

I think my favourite of the two is Man Utd. Simply because Liverpool are more likely to have a hanogver from the European games after their fine win in Milan against Inter.

Man U play Derby on Saturday then face Bolton on Wednesday. To be honest, a punt on both of these matches should be safe, however, my rules do state that I won't bet on away games.

Oh well. One will have to be enough.

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