Monday, 10 December 2007

Week 16: Chelsea and Man Utd boost the coffers

It is strange that on the weekend where I chose to bet on two matches from the 'big four', the other two clubs which comprise the group lost their unbeaten runs.

However, the losers Arsenal and Liverpool, were both away from home and both have fixtures in the Champions league this week which could partly explain their losses.

Thankfully, the results of the matches I chose were never in doubt. Man Utd and Chelsea disposed of Derby and Sunderland respectively, although Derby County did strangely manage their first goal away from home at Old Trafford.

Because of the unlikeliness of a surprise, the odds I bet at were poor.

I got back winnings of only £1.43 for the Man Utd match and £2.51 from the Chelsea game.

This increases my total by £3.94.

New balance £129.52

Next week could be tough as it is Sky's so-called 'Grand Slam Sunday' where the big four meet each other.

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