Friday, 7 December 2007

Week 16: Two football matches to bet on

With two matches to choose between, this week has been the hardest of all to decide what to do.

Both seem obvious choices, but to actually pick one from the other has been very difficult to do.

Passing up the opportunity to bet on one of these matches also seems criminal, so I am going to bet on both of the games for a home win.

This will mean that I can spread the risk of my bet while also increasing my profit margin slightly.

I won't bet a full 15% on both matches because I don't want to risk all of the profit of my account in one weekend, however 10% on each seems a fair result.

£12.55 on Man Utd
£12.55 on Cheslea

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

where do you bet on football. The odds i was given for home wins in both the games mentioned here meant it was worthless even bothering... the internet has made it much easier for me to compare odds so now, when i participate in a bit of online football betting, i like to be a bit more adventerous and try backing an underdog which bears the potential for a greater return on investment! i won nearly £200 on backing boro to win at home this weekend