Saturday, 12 January 2008

19 - If only I had bet on Man Utd

A second loss on the spin means my project has been sent back to square one.

Arsenal's unlikely and possibly undeserved draw means my account is back to around the £100 mark. Where I was in August.

Unfortunately I even mentioned the Man Utd v Newcastle match stating that I wouldn't bet on a side who have recently changed their manager. However Newcastle fell apart and conceded 6 goals in the 2nd half at Old Trafford.

I feel as though both Arsenal today and Dundee Utd at Christmas both played with a lot of complacency and did not give their all. I will take some time to think about the choices I made in these games and see if there is any way to avoid matches such as this in the future.

New balance £99.09


Rebelred said...

Feel for you Jon, I too got caught out with the Arsenal result; how the hell can you ever think that Arsenal aren't going to win that one?

Still, your target for the year is only going to be around £106-£107, so you're not too far away. Stay confident, don't chase and I'm hoping things pick up for you


The Betfair Loser said...

Bad Luck...its a times like this you feel that the Betting Gods have it in for you!!

Having not just one, but two freak results in the space of a few weeks sure is a kick in the teeth!!

Stick to your methods, and I'm sure you will quickly rebuild your bank!