Wednesday, 30 January 2008

21 - Keegan under pressure already?

Last night Newcastle took another thrashing at the hands of Arsenal. It seems a shame that Kevin Keegan has now gone 3 games without a win in his new job, however two consecutive meetings with Arsenal at the Emirates is not anyone's idea of an easy start.

On the face of the two results it must be disappointing to get beaten by the same scoreline again as you'd expect some tactical knowledge gained in the first meeting to shine through.

Tonight, as expected, I will bet on a Chelsea win against Reading. I think 10% of the account is a fair wager as Reading are not a bad side. They do struggle away from home though and against an in-form Chelsea side I expect them to be beaten convincingly.

£10.09 on a blues win.

Looking ahead, I hope that Liverpool can stop fighting amongst themselves long enough to put in a good performance against West Ham tonight which will set them up for a win against lowly Sunderland at the weekend.

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