Sunday, 20 January 2008

20 - Back on track


A steady win for Celtic nets me £1.90.

New balance is £100.99!

Back in profit, so it has all been worthwhile!

Next weekend is the FA Cup, so there may be a shortage of matches, however a fixture that I would like to bet on is the Rangers v East Stirling cup tie.

However I usually don't bet on cup ties.

Plus, I've just checked the odds and I would need to bet my house on it to get any kind of return. Possibly one to avoid then (1/33).

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Anonymous said...

When betting on sporting events I always think those massive outsiders are worth a cheeky punt. For example man utd sticking six past Newcastle or Andy Murray going out that early on. When im browsing through some online sports betting websites i have a look at the specials and outsiders and see if i can see them happen. If so i may have a punt.
Normally ill have a bet on football because generally you can have an idea of a result or back a few outsiders and get some big odds!